Defensible, employee-friendly policy response
to Federal COVID
-19 Vaccine Mandates


Don’t be left hoping you’re covered

Don’t waste thousands developing a policy from scratch

Federal contractors are required to implement vaccination mandates for employees and subcontractors.

Is your workforce ready?

DEADLINE: 1/4/2022








 Building a policy that properly addresses both the mandate and your employees’ rights is complex.

Many Federal contractors are scrambling (and spending thousands of dollars in legal fees) to compile a proper employee policy in response to President Biden’s Executive Order 14042, Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors.  

Hastily developed policies by Government agencies and their contractors can be over-reaching. They can fail to consider established civil rights protections for employees leaving your business exposed to challenges by employees or contract partners. 

Covered employees must obtain their final vaccination dose by
January 4, 2022 – are your policies up-to-date?

Turnkey COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Plug Into Your Current HR Policy
What You'll Get

Compliance documents for your employees and a ready-to-deploy policy.  All documents delivered in easy-to-edit Word format ready to be updated with your company name and/or branding. You'll get:

  1. Comprehensive, defensible COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Policy .
  2. Employee Vaccination Certification Form.
  3. Guidance Request form for employee seeking accomodation.
  4. Accomodation Request form for employees seeking exemption.
  5.  Physician Attestation Form to support accomodation requests.

These policies are crafted to be employee-friendly while balancing compliance with Federal mandates for contractors.

We've developed policies addressing the need to comply with Federal Government-imposed vaccination mandates. Our Human Resource and Legal teams developed a policy that protects your employees' interests as well as their rights to express their religious beliefs and practices and needs for medical accommodations in response to this vaccination mandate.


Employee Friendly

  • Balances safety in the workplace with the protection of employee privacy and the ability to practice religious freedom.
  • Includes a combined employee request form for religious and medical accommodations.
  • Provides direction for employees seeking to align exemption requests with EEOC guidance on accommodations under Title VII and the ADA:
    • Applies the EEOC’s definition of religion.
    • Establishes standards for employer review of exemption requests.
    • Reduces/eliminates employer “over-reaching” on religious accommodation reviews.


  • Defensible against EEOC challenges for religious discrimination.
  • Fully addresses the Mandatory Vaccination Policy for employers with Federal contracts subject to new FAR/DFARS COVID-19 clauses.
  • Can be used to explain vaccination exemption review process and consequences of noncompliance within your company.

Unsure if your business is required to participate?

You are subject to Executive Order 14042, Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors, if:

  • You have a contract with the Federal Government or a Federal agency worth over $250,000.
  • You have received a contract modification from your Prime incorporating the FAR/DFARS COVID clause.
  • Your company provides legal, HR, recruiting, or other types of vendor support necessary for the performance of a Federal contract.

You are not subject to Executive Order 14042, if:

  • You are a Federal agency.
    You will, however, need a vaccination mandate that conforms with EO 14043.
  • You have a company with 100+ employees but don’t have any Federal contracts or support Federal contracts.
    But you will need a policy that conforms with the new OSHA ETS regulations requiring vaccination or testing.