outsourced business services

Human Resources

Let us partner with you to overcome challenges that HR compliance can impose on
your resources. We can help alleviate any concerns, and most importantly, provide
solutions on how to structure, manage, engage and positively impact your company
culture. We keep the lines of communication open and can be pro-active in our
recommendations to continuously improve your employee experience.
  • HR Compliance
  • Compensation Plans
  • Performance and Commission Bonus Structures
  • Employee Engagement
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Leadership, Management, and Employee Training
  • HR Audits

Company Culture

We understand the value of building a strong company culture in the modern workforce. Our Culture Team meets with you to craft a framework that ensures your employees enjoy their work experience… and stay. Also, your partners and customers want to work with you. Better culture translates into a better product and service for your customers. That fact directly impacts your bottom line!

Our consultation is a holistic approach; that is, we look at the employee experience encompassing compensation, benefits, internal activities that promote teamwork and cohesion, and external activities that build a bond with your community. Once your framework is in place, we can turn it over to you to manage or manage it with or for you. And, yes, we measure its effectiveness and adapt the framework to maximize the employee experience.


Work with one of our HR experts to stay in compliance in the face of ever-changing rules and regulations impacting your hiring and employees. This includes developing handbooks, policies, and job descriptions for your company that meet city, state and federal laws.

Employee Benefits

We assist you with your benefits needs and evaluating your options and costs. Our experts can help you negotiate rates with some of the nation’s top providers. Having robust employee benefits can attract and retain top talent and positively increase employee engagement.


Keeping employees engaged is key to employee retention. Your on-boarding process is just the beginning of the employee’s journey. Our experts can help you create an onboarding experience that reflects your company culture and helps retain the top talent you have recruited.


Recruiting top talent for your positions can set you above your competitors. We can create a recruiting strategy that will work for your company, giving you an edge over your competitors. Knowing where to post your positions and how to write the job listing can be a significant factor in reaching qualified candidates. We offer a range of recruiting services including full life-cycle recruiting from beginning to end. More importantly, you have two options for our recruiting services – hourly or a percentage of the hired employee’s salary.




We bring a disciplined approach to understanding your unique challenges and success factors.


On a fractional or project basis, we’ll help you develop the plan and measurements to succeed.


We provide and manage the resources you need to get the job done.